About Apleasantafternoon

A Pleasant Afternoon is a conversation between friends. Imagine we are sitting on the front porch or around the kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee, or a glass of sweet tea. I hope it will always be place where you will find encouragement, inspiration, and discovery. And I also hope you’ll visit often!


4 thoughts on “About Apleasantafternoon”

  1. Just happened upon your blog from IG. I’m not sure how I discovered you on IG…more than likely while chasing rabbit trails. I love your post. It’ applies to so many stages of my life, both happy and sad. Your words are eloquent! Hoping you will post more wisdom in the near future. I love your IG quotes, especially from “Ann” and Elisabeth Elliot. Your love of words is obvious!
    Carol from South GA.

    • Hi Carol,

      So good to meet you. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement. I’m so happy my little post spoke to you. Kindred spirits are not nearly as rare as we think, are they? I love how social media allows us to find one another. I hope the New Year brings you the happiest of days!



  2. Cindy Murphy said:

    Love this-everything about it, but most of all I love hearing your heart through your written words. Keep writing!

    • Hi Cindy!

      Thanks for the kind words.😍Writing has been a creative outlet for me since I was a little girl. You know we have ALL the words to use that can’t possibly be squeezed into conversations!😉

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